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Forêt boréale, Partenariats

Forestry tools for sustainability

mai 14, 2021
Forestry tools for sustainability

Foresters try to tread gently when they step into the woods. But the wetlands of the boreal forest can hide themselves just below their feet.

Biologist Donna Kopecky with Louisiana-Pacific (LP) Canada says in the past it was hard to distinguish the different wetland types and how water flows through these diverse systems. Now that LP is equipped with DUC’s Enhanced Wetland Classification guide and maps, they can better plan for roads and wetland crossings.

“We make better decisions having all this wetland information at our fingertips,” she said.

Roads built over wetlands can interrupt the flow of water. DUC partnered with the forestry industry to develop a resource road guide to help workers preserve the many benefits that wetlands offer: from storing carbon to providing habitat to filtering water. At the same time, improved crossings help workers reduce road maintenance costs and ensure road safety.

Other partners for the project included FPInnovations, Weyerhaeuser, Spruce Products Ltd. and funding was provided by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. DUC’s Sustainable Land Use tools help the forestry companies manage the forest for all its natural values – not just the trees.